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Feeding raw foods to cats and dogs is nothing new, in fact we were feeding this way for thousands of years before commercial pets foods come on the market.

It is in the last decade that we are beginning to realise just what a detrimental effect feeding commercially prepared processed and highly toxic foods had on our best friends.

We want to provide our clients the best and up to date information on natural pet diet and nutrition which will keep our pets healthy and disease free for their whole life time.

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It is my aim to help more and more animals live healthier and longer lives with their human companions.

Thousands of dogs and cats are destroyed everyday all over the world because their health and behavioural problems got out of hand, became too costly to fix or real solutions were never found in time.

It is our responsibility as pet owners to give our pets the best we can offer them. They rely on us for the provision of their food so its really important we get the correct education out there.

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